Not all schools offer every program you might have an interest with. By attending summer workshops, you’ll be able to pursue your interests and gain knowledge and experience in subjects you wouldn’t normally have access to.

FIRST Robotics Learning Center, together with Willow Tree Learning Center, conducted a robotics workshop last January 27, 2018 to March 24, 2018 at 73, Sta. Catalina St., St. Peter, Quezon City. It was our sixth year in conducting summer robotics workshop at Willow Tree Learning Center. It was a 9-session-robotics workshop that took place every Saturdays of the said date.

The workshop was a success and we are thrilled to announce that we are having our second batch of summer robotics workshop this coming June 11, 2018. For more information, you may call Willow Tree at 712-97-48/732-66-68.

Inquire now and let your kids enjoy and understand robotics through STEM Education. -- RCM

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First Robotics Learning Center conducted a 6-day Robotics Workshop at Clay and Potter School located at T. Alonzo St, Tambo, Paranaque City. In this workshop, FRLC offered 3 levels namely: 4+ level (ages 4 to 5 y/o) wherein student at this level uses LEGO DUPLO to create figures as a part of their workshop. Kids at this level will learn how to go out from the box and explore their ideas to make extraordinaire Lego figures. To add more, students will also practice their communicating skills and social skills to interact with other student. Sharing ideas with a good communication and social skill will provide the student to have a much better understanding of how to make their ideas into a replica of a real object using Lego duplo. Lastly, Kids at this level will learn how simple machine works, how an object can spin, bend and lift.

Next is the 6+ level (ages 6 to 8 y/o) used LEGO WEDO 2.0, a newly introduced Lego materials for this level, it has a wireless materials giving students a much better  exploration of their projects and what it can do more. At this level, information about technology is incorporated by programming their project using computer. Each project has activities that they need to complete as part of their Workshop. Students learned how to communicate with others to form teamwork, do some Math computations, Science concept in building and testing their projects and so many more.

Lastly, the 9+ level (Ages 9 to 16 y/o) is the highest level the FRLC offered for this workshop. At his level, kids used the third generation of LEGO EV3 Mindstorm. Projects made to engage the kids into deep analytical and logical skills by programming. Broader and harder concepts were involved and problem solving skills were tested. Designing an advanced project is the main goal of this level with a task needed to comply at the end of every workshop. -- KBG

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Children will pratice and improve their psychological thinking skills such as analyzing and solving basic programs and making their ideas broader and put it into physical building. FRLC uses Lego Duplo for the children to practice their motor skills in building. This program gives the kids the drive to help themselves to finish what they had started and continue what they have learned. 

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Learning with educational robotics provides students with opportunities for them to think deeply about technology. This level ignites chil needed for children's natural desire to explore and discover. The engaging environment motivates the students to learn whatever skills and knowledge needed for them to accomplish their goals in order to complete certain projects. 

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