Summer 2017 theme is ‘Heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom for ages 9 years old and up. In this level, the students from the Beginner and Advanced Level were taught on how to become a hero on their own way. They were guided to overcome the challenges and obstacles that await them during their journey on becoming a hero with the use of the robot they have made.

One of these challenges was “Mario’s Bonus Round”, where they need to reach the top of the string as fast as they can with the use of their voices; the sound they created determines the speed of their robot. The softer the sound, the slower the robot moves or the louder the sound, the faster it will move. It is just one of the great projects that they made during their 9 sessions and there are a lot more.

Do you want to be one of us? Come and join us next summer. See yah! --- IPAC