Learning is one of the essential evolutions of human mind. While we are living, we are learning, in most of different things. That is why; First Robotics Learning Center finds a simple but creative and fun way of learning.

Through the use of robots, First Robotics Learning Center incorporates the STEM program in every lesson of the child to nurture their mind and their intellectual thinking in analyzing and solving basic problems.

FRLC uses lego duplos for ages 4 to 5 years old to practice their psychomotor skill in building. In this level, children explore different ways in which people and how things move. After learning about simple machines they will put their ideas into physical building.

The program of summer 2018 has two levels, the Junior and Senior Level. The junior level includes the simple to complex building of machines and the senior level is the continuation of complex building.

The theme for summer 2018 motivates the child to finish what he had started and continue what he had learned. Learning can be done in different way so FRLC do it where the children will have fun while they are learning. --- KC

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