First Robotics Learning Center is a place where a child can enjoy playing while learning. Students aged 6 to 7years old attended the workshop entitled The Marvelous Family. They learned lessons from the story of The Marvelous Family which they can apply in theTheir real life. In this level, students had the opportunity to bring their imagination to life. Through robotics, these activities promoted their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as well as Computer Science.

It helped them develop their motor skills through building projects using the lego pieces like bricks, gear axles, and etc. The students showed perseverance solving challenging activities and had fun when they played it. The students learned the function of different blocks and used it to program their projects to make it move. After building and programming their robot, they had time to enjoy playing with their classmate, to redesign their project and to build their own robots. After the nine (9) meetings in robotics they received their certificate, medal, trophy, and keychain.

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