First Robotics Learning Center is a place where a child can enjoy playing while learning. Students aged 6 to 7years old attended the workshop entitled The Marvelous Family. They learned lessons from the story of The Marvelous Family which they can apply in theTheir real life. In this level, students had the opportunity to bring their imagination to life. Through robotics, these activities promoted their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as well as Computer Science.

It helped them develop their motor skills through building projects using the lego pieces like bricks, gear axles, and etc. The students showed perseverance solving challenging activities and had fun when they played it. The students learned the function of different blocks and used it to program their projects to make it move. After building and programming their robot, they had time to enjoy playing with their classmate, to redesign their project and to build their own robots. After the nine (9) meetings in robotics they received their certificate, medal, trophy, and keychain.

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First Robotics Learning Center conducted a 9-session summer class for 8 years old students for 1 and a half hour/session. Students are expected to build and program the robot within this time and let them answer their worksheet which also based on their project.

They had the chance to build some robotic animals and mobile devices that can be controlled using the computer. This program supports a hands-on “minds on” learning that gives students the confidence to ask questions and use tools to find the answers to solve real-life problems.

The application that we used was basic programming drag and drop software and the program is directly downloaded to the robot through Bluetooth connection, the students uses programming blocks and connects them together to create a pattern that is suitable for the task that the robot needs to complete. Each block has unique icon on it which makes it easier for the student to remember the use of it. -- CLR

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Learning is one of the essential evolutions of human mind. While we are living, we are learning, in most of different things. That is why; First Robotics Learning Center finds a simple but creative and fun way of learning.

Through the use of robots, First Robotics Learning Center incorporates the STEM program in every lesson of the child to nurture their mind and their intellectual thinking in analyzing and solving basic problems.

FRLC uses lego duplos for ages 4 to 5 years old to practice their psychomotor skill in building. In this level, children explore different ways in which people and how things move. After learning about simple machines they will put their ideas into physical building.

The program of summer 2018 has two levels, the Junior and Senior Level. The junior level includes the simple to complex building of machines and the senior level is the continuation of complex building.

The theme for summer 2018 motivates the child to finish what he had started and continue what he had learned. Learning can be done in different way so FRLC do it where the children will have fun while they are learning. --- KC

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Nurturing young innovators is FRLC's objective for Summer 2018 with the official launch of FRLC's Arduino Program. By learning basic circuitry and programming with Arduino, you can make your technological ideas to reality! 

There were two levels available this summer, the Junior and Senior Level. The Junior Level provides basic knowledge on electronics-circuits and essential C/C++ programming for Arduino. Here, we introduced our new basic kit for the Junior Level which includes our unique "STEMTera" that combines an Arduino Uno and a Breadboard in one system. The kit includes basic output devices such as LED lights and Servo motors; Digital and analog input device like temperature sensors, potentiometers, light dependent sensor and etc. 

Transitioning to the Senior Level, we introduced the FRLC's new Mobile Robot kit for more advanced learning. This kit is combined with the previous FRLC's basic kit to provide complicated tasks like sensing automation: Line tracking, distance sensing and etc. We also provide different challenges on circuit making and programming puzzles. Finally, wireless communication is introduced to provide students the freedom to control their robot in any way they want. 

The summer 2018 themed "Be Techie with Arduino" is an amazingly fun experience to make your ideas to reality through applied technology with Arduino. --- VJA                                                                                                                               

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