Summer 2016 Robotics Workshop with the theme “The Zombies Battle” is for the ages of 7-8 years old students. In this workshop, students have experience to build different projects from the characters of Plants vs. Zombies game and learned how to program their project using computer. Each project has activities that they need to survive as part of their workshop. Students learned how to communicate with others and develop teamwork, did some Math computations, Science concept in building and testing their projects and so many more. At the end of this workshop, competition and awarding was organized among the students and they had received certificates, medals, 3d printed key chains and paper-cafted trophy. 


          Summer is the best time for everyone to have fun, relax and enjoy. But other kids chose to learn while having fun. That’s why FRLC offered summer courses for ages 4 to 6 years old t o have fun by creating simple robots using Lego Duplo.

          The theme is Minions Carnival Party, kids will construct a simple machine that has different functions and they will analyze on how it will work to help the minions solve their problem in the story. One example of their project was a Tow Car to help the minions go up to the hill using a ramp and pull heavy materials. After building and playing, they were asked to redesign their own project to make it more sturdy, beautiful and fun! They also learned how to share, work, and play with their classmates that enhances their social and creative skills.

           Kids learning while enjoying was the best summer experience EVER! So let your kids enjoy and explore the WORLD OF ADVENTURE AND INVENTION here in First Robotics Learning Center!

In 9 to 16 years old Summer Course Advanced was amazing. Students were taught on how to be a good athlete. A good athlete must possess different skills and characteristics that will help them to win their respective sports. This level helped the students to become a real athlete with the help of their robots. Their robots must possess different skills just like speed, accuracy, power, endurance, intelligence, and other skills and characteristics.

One of the challenges was to create a robot that can throw a ball as far as it can. The skills to develop were accuracy and power. The robot should be accurate to stop in a specific point and have enough power to throw the ball. Students were able to construct/build their own robots and program it on their own.

After their 9 sessions robotics workshop,  students were fully equipped with the knowledge about robotics. Their precious smiles indicates that they truly enjoyed their classes. 

Summer is the time where most of the students take their vacations. Go some places and find adventures, but some of them chooses to enrol in summer activities to make their summer fruitful and meaningful.

First Robotics Learning Center, specifically in 9 to 16 years old course offered Summer Classes with the theme Pokemon Challenge which helped our student to overcome different challenges that they had encountered before, during and after their activities. One of these challenges was The Battle of the Badge, where students will have to create a robot that is as strong as a sumo wrestler that can throw opponents out of the arena. The students learned how to face different challenges with different level of difficulties. They built robots that were necessary to the specific challenges given by the teacher. And they have to fixed different errors they encountered on their own and the teachers were there to assist them. They learned also on how to be independent to do things and not to be dependent with the people around them.

The best summer experience is to see our students smile, laugh and learn. Till our next summer!