Learning with educational robotics provides students with opportunities for them to think deeply about technology. This level ignites chil needed for children's natural desire to explore and discover. The engaging environment motivates the students to learn whatever skills and knowledge needed for them to accomplish their goals in order to complete certain projects. 

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From ideas to reality, this is applied technology through Arduino Robotics. Learn basic circuitry and programming to become future young innovators. Think, design and learn how to code. The limit is your imagination. 

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Active participation in robotics will give students the opportunity to develop their skills in problem solving and improve their logical and analytical thinking. In this level, the abilities and skills of the character will give them the hint on what kind and type of robot are they going to build. And also, they will be able to share their ideas and become active participant in the building and learning process. 

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Students learn by asking questions and solving problems. This material does not tell students everything they need to know. Instead it makes them questions what they know and explore what they do not yet understand.     

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